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Oakwood Confederate Cemetery


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Oakwood Update 01-12-12: The VA Special Hearing was held yesterday in Washington D.C. 29 pieces of evidence were presented by Attorney Pat McSweeney and Chairman Lee Hart. Mr. Trevor Moe was present representing Senator Webb on our behalf. Several SCV members and guests were in attendance. The Judge in this case seemed very interested and concerned according to several participants. A decision was not made, but will be released in the next few weeks.

Oakwood Update 01-03-12: The Oakwood Committee, on Jan 2nd, met with Attorney Pat McSweeney to formulate the defense for upright markers at Oakwood. The upcoming hearing is scheduled for Jan. 11, 1p.m., in Washington D.C. Chairman Hart has also been formulating the plans to rebuild the Speaker’s Stand. This will include the removal of the roof structure, replacement of the foundation and then the replacement of the original roof structure after maintenance has been performed. The utmost care will be taken to ensure that no graves will be disturbed and all will be properly marked. A clean-up day will be scheduled in early Spring and more information on this will be forth coming.

Historic plaque at Oakwood Confederate CemeteryOakwood Confederate Cemetery obeliskThe City of Richmond officials, Past C-I-C McMichael, and Past Virginia Division Commander John Sawyer all signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the City of Richmond. This agreement does not transfer the deed or title to Oakwood Cemetery - Confederate Section to the SCV, but it gives the Virginia Division the sole authority to place upright markers for each Confederate Veteran buried there and improvements or markers of any kind. The Virginia Division also has the exclusive responsibility of maintaining the 10 acres of grounds in the Confederate section of Oakwood Cemetery.

The SCV proceeded with ordering VA upright markers. According to the MOA, the upright stones must be installed in an orderly manner, row by row, section by section, and not in a random fashion. The small numbered markers will be retained, straightened, and incorporated into the final placement of the upright markers along with any existing upright or flat markers previously placed by family members.

Our plan was to order and install 75 upright stones a month depending on how quickly the Veterans Administration can complete them and send them to us. Originally the VA asked that we order only 10 upright stones for a trial run and after that, they stated that we would be able to order 75 at a time. Click here to read the names on the first 10 stones ordered.

NOTE: The Veterans Administration did not sign the paperwork necessary to have the 10 initial stones ordered stating that the request for the stones is "under review at this time" with no further explanation. The Veterans Administration finally issued a letter stating that they were denying the request for any stones at Oakwood.

Click here to read the minutes of the November 5, 2011 meeting of the Oakwood Restoration Committee.

Click here to view renovations made at Oakwood Confederate Cemetery. This is an on-going project and additional renovation projects will be posted as they occur.

The Friends & Descendants Association of Oakwood Confederate Cemetery is a program that is available to those who either have a loved one buried at Oakwood Confederate Cemetery or those who wish to support Oakwood and would like to be kept updated on any events taking place at Oakwood. We plan to establish a newsletter to those who join. The annual membership fee for the Friends & Descendants Association is $25.00 and can be sent to Brag Bowling at 2720 Rettig Road, Richmond, VA 23225. Those who join the Friends & Descendants of Oakwood are eligible to purchase an exclusive Friends & Descendants of Oakwood medal for $25.00 plus $2.50 shipping & handling per medal.

Click here to read the history of how the Sons of Confederate Veterans became involved in the preservation and restoration of Oakwood Cemetery and our plan to have individual grave markers placed on each grave to honor these fallen heroes.

Stone markers at Oakwood Confederate Cemetery

Each stone marks the resting place of 3 Confederate veterans

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Gazebo at Oakwood Confederate CemeteryStone markers at Oakwood Confederate Cemetery is working in conjunction with the Virginia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans to offer a 30% donation toward the Oakwood Restoration Fund for each new membership they receive through the link from our Web site (you must click on the button below which has the affiliate coding identifying the Virginia Division in order for Oakwood to receive the donation. If you go directly to and sign up there, the donation will not be sent to Oakwood).


NOTE: The donation only applies to new subscriptions to Footnote and therefore current Footnote members that use the automatic renewal option will not receive the 30% donation to Oakwood.


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