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Oakwood Confederate Cemetery Renovations


Listed below are some of the restoration work and ceremonies at Oakwood Confederate Cemetery.

Pvt. John T. Young tombstoneLt. Duncan Campbell Stafford's Grave siteOn Saturday, November 4, 2006, the Virginia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Oakwood Restoration Committee hosted the opening ceremony of the Oakwood Confederate Cemetery Restoration Project. The opening ceremony included the rededication of the newly restored grave site of Lt. Duncan Campbell Stafford of South Carolina (left).

Click here to view a map of Oakwood Cemetery with a driving path marked to indicate the best route to take to drive to the grave site of Lt. Stafford.

In November 2007, an exact replica of the vandalized ornate stone of John T. Young was installed and dedicated at Oakwood Confederate Cemetery (right). Pvt. Young served in Co. D, 4th Texas Vol., "Texas Brigade" and fell at Gaines Farm on June 27th. He died at Richmond on August 5, 1862 (age - 20 years).


In the Summer of 2009, the Oakwood Restoration Committee cleaned and restored the Soldier's Monument (tall oblisk) back to its original condition and obtained perpetual care for the beautification of the monument to include the planting of period correct flowers and plants that would have been appropriate for the time.

Preparations are being made to install a replica of the fencing once again that was originally located around the Soldier's Monument. The footings have already been poured and the completed fencing will be installed soon.

Additional arrangements are being made to install high quality solid steel fencing down the entire span of Richmond Road to protect the graves of those who rest here.



On July 17, 2009, members of the Oakwood Restoration Committee installed upright stones that had previously been ordered by descendants and/or at the request of the Oakwood Restoration Committee. The committee got the verbal okay from the city to install the existing upright markers that we had in storage but no randomly placed stones will be installed after these as we must abide by the MOA that the city has put before us.

Photos of 4 upright markers installed on July 17, 2009

On December 28, 2009, the ornate fencing was installed around the Soldier's Monument at Oakwood to restore it back to the way it looked in days gone by. Click here to view the photos pertaining to the installation of the fence.

Fence around the Soldiers Monument
Gate into the Soldiers Monument

On May 1, 2010, many SCV members, UDC ladies, and family & friends turned out to help with the Oakwood Confederate Cemetery Clean-up Day. Click here to view the Clean-up Day photos.

Oakwood Clean-Up Day
Oakwood Clean-Up Day



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