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Jefferson F. Davis Memorial Committee


Statue of Jefferson Davis in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA

Jefferson F Davis Memorial Committee logo

Everette Ellis, Chairman & Treasurer
Jim Cochrane, Service Coordinator

David Smith   Kevin Parker
Fred Chiesa   Stanley Foster
Michael Kidd   Michael W. Cash
Doug Raynor   Ron Moore

And with Representatives from the
7 Virginia Division Brigades

Further information about the
Jefferson F. Davis Memorial Committee
can be obtained by contacting Everette Ellis


The Jefferson Davis Memorial Committee was charted by the Virginia Division in 1994, and is sponsored by Sons of Confederate Veterans National. The Jefferson F. Davis Memorial Committee was given the responsibility of improving and maintaining Davis Circle at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. The site is home to the final resting place of the Confederacy’s only President, Jefferson F. Davis, and his family.


The committee has worked hard to restore the Davis family Circle in to a place that all Southerners would be pleased and proud of. We encourage you to visit Davis Circle and hope that you will be pleased and honored with its new look.


However, there is more to be done and additional funding is needed. Stones and monuments in the Circle need to be cleaned and several benches installed to benefit the thousands of people who visit this historic site each year. In addition, we need to maintain the grounds with fertilization, liming, and reseeding. Currently, Hollywood Cemetery officials are only responsible for grass cutting. More funding will ensure that the site will be maintained as a beautiful sanctuary that reflects the pride and respect that we have for our Southern ancestors and their leaders.


Each year at the Hollywood Cemetery a memorial service is held to honor Jefferson F. Davis. The service is held on the first Saturday in June, commemorating Davis’ birthday, June 3rd, 1808. The program is free and open to the public.


The Memorial service is a family event complete with music, poems, historians and authors. There will also be a marching bagpipe band, honor guard and musket salutes. An unforgettable artillery salute with replica cannons. Period dress is encouraged, but is not required. The Ceremonial flags, which have flown on the president’s flag pole, will be made available along with a certificate of authenticity. Free souvenir programs, ribbons, and light refreshments will be served on a first come first serve basis.


The ceremony remembers and honors a Southern gentleman who served with the United States Army during the Black Hawk war and is also a hero of the Mexican war. In addition to serving as the Commander in Chief of the Confederate Army and Navy, Jefferson F. Davis had served as a US Congressman, US Senator, and Secretary of War. We encourage you to join the Davis Committee and become a part of this worthwhile event. You can also assist us if you know of any group or member that would like to participate in the annual Memorial Service.


Each donation is not only helping to honor your southern ancestors and their leaders, but also helping to save a piece of Virginia’s heritage. The Jefferson Davis Memorial Committee is an entity of the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans; a 501(c)(e) non-profit organization, Federal ID #51-022781. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent provided for by law.


Please make donation to:


Jefferson F. Davis Memorial Fund

C/O Everette Ellis (Treasurer)

620 North James Street,

Ashland, Virginia 23005


Jefferson F. Davis was a man of energy, and enthusiasm, who held his faith in God and to the cause of Southern Independence. Your contributions will insure that the Davis Circle will be maintained in a manner befitting the Confederate President and that the site will always reflect the care and devotion that you have for your Southern leaders.



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