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The Virginia Division SCV web site has benefited from a number of hard-working and generous contributors. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals.

Rob Millikin III: Rob has been a valuable source of information for the Camps page and has also provided replies to many queries that your Virginia Division Rebmaster could not answer.

Sheri Millikin: Sheri has provided a wealth of vital information for the SCVVA web site: Among these are:

  • Many, many of the fine images contained on the site
  • Much of the genealogy research information contained on the Join SCV page
  • Writeups on Matthew Fontaine Maury and Lee-Jackson-Maury Day on the Tributes to Confederate Heros page

Henry Kidd: Henry's outstanding Confederate images are used throughout this site.

Robert Moore: Robert has almost singlehandedly recreated nearly the entire roster of past Virginia Division SCV commanders. This outstanding piece of research provides excellent continuity to the history of the Division's leadership.

Ann Sawyer: Ann provided invaluable service in resizing many of the images on the SCVVA web site so they download much faster. No doubt all visitors to the site much appreciate this effort! Ann also serves as our web consultant.

Al Dalton: Al volunteered to use a special program to resize and enhance the SCV and Virginia SCV logo graphics on the title bar of the web site. Despite the tiny size of these logos, the text is readable. We're still trying to figure out how Al did this!

Everette Ellis: Everette has access to an excellent collection of very old Confederate Veterans. He's been supplementing the excellent research Robert Moore did on past Virginia Division SCV and UCV commanders.

Steve Monk: Steve, who operates the Confederate Pride web site, provided a number of the sound files used on this site.

Acknowledgements for other art contained on the site go to: Dale Gallon; Mort Kunstler; Philips; Preston Brooks Society; John Paul Strain

Do you have something that would be of interest or value to Virginia Division compatriots? If so, please let us know about it. This web site has benefitted from the efforts of many contributors. Please feel free to offer suggestions or send us proposed new content. -- Virginia Division Rebmaster



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