Tips to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


While marching towards your fitness goals, at times, things may go wrong, tough times arise, all you need is the endurance to bear the pain and the determination to move ahead. Remember the following tips if you want to wander off from your plan.

Patience is the key: When it comes to shedding pounds, building muscles and staying fit, garners more persistence and focus from our side.

Watch what you eat: Clean eating something that has to be practiced all your life. Craving is usually the indicator of the lack of nutrients in the diet. When you are so tempted to grab a soda, gulp a glass of water and rest for a while. Learn to annihilate your cravings.

Motivate yourself: Your fitness regime may be inclusive of heavy workouts and fab diet. Be aware of the overall benefits of your exercises such as increased stamina, agility, coordination, as it serves as a positive motivation for your long-term fitness goals.

Set realistic plans: Come with small, weekly or monthly plans of what you wish to achieve, rather than planning for a whole year. It is a known fact that anything that has been practiced for 21 days become habitual and for six months become our lifestyle.

Please make use of fitness tracker: Once you start to move along with your plans, it is the time to keep track of what is happening. Record your every movement, as it makes it easier to form new routines and habits, and helps to assess yourself. Visit to know more about the benefits of the fitness tracker.

Do it with fun: It is no written law that exercise has to be vague. Plan your workouts based on what your likes and interests are. Take break in-between your workouts and do your favorite activities like hiking and mountaineering.

Go slow: Rather than rushing things, talk to your trainer and establish a strong foundation on the first hand, and see the results unveil.…

7 Practical Tips to Prepare for Surgery Abroad


Surgery by itself daunting and it is all the more nerve-wracking when it is scheduled in a foreign land. It is scary and confusing as one is not sure where to start and whom to choose but if you follow the compiled list below you will have nothing to worry.

  1. Research your destination of choice: It is not enough if you find out about the country and their culture, it is important too to ascertain that the hospital and the doctor you have chosen are accredited by proper authorities in the medical field. It is here that you can rely on advice at MyMediTravel who have done all the hard work for you.
  2. Be well informed about the treatment: It is crucial that you understand the procedure completely. Therefore, schedule a consultation with the doctor beforehand itself and do not shy away from asking questions, no matter how silly.
  3. Be aware of the visa requirements: Ensure that you have the proper visa for your destination. You might have to apply in advance for some countries because the visa processing time varies between embassies and can take weeks.
  4. Update your medical history: Your medical history must include all allergies, the supplements you are taking, vaccinations in addition to prescribed medication. Keep a few copies of the history with you.
  5. Talk to your insurance provider: Clarify if the procedure abroad can be reimbursed fully or at least in part and in case it is possible what are the documents needed. Do collect all medical reports and bills from your hospital.
  6. Plan your leave:  You must take into account not only the time needed for surgery and the recovery time but also the travel time.
  7. Pack smartly:  Keep a checklist of things you are supposed to carry along with your travel documents and medical reports. Choose clothes appropriate for the weather.

Healthy and Easy School Lunch Ideas for Kids


Preparing lunch for the kids amidst the rush of morning schedule is really tough.  Preparing a yummy lunch with variety is a challenge for mom.  She has to ensure that the food is nutritious too.  Use the following tips for giving healthy as well as easy lunch for your school going kids:

1.Tortilla vegetable rolls:  When you have time during weekends (or) during your free time during weekdays, cut vegetables like carrot, beans etc.  Store them in airtight containers in the fridge.  Also, stock store-bought tortillas.  You can steam the vegetables.  Mash them and sprinkle salt and spices.  Place a spoonful on the tortilla bread.  Simply roll it.  You can use corns, potatoes, peas etc. in the mashed filling.  This will ensure that your child eats all vegetables.  Since vegetables are in mashed form, you can silently add even those veggies your child hates.  This lunch is simply easy.  You just need to plan and stock the ingredients.

2. Bread Cheese Triangles:  Children love food in different shapes.  Toast the bread.  Add cheese and cut the slice into two triangles.  You can ensure your child gets good fat and Vitamin A and B12.  This can be prepared in a short time span.  If your child hates food, get those awesome kitchen toys from  These make them empathize your efforts and eat properly.

3. Carved fruits:  You can easily make dolphins out of a banana.  You cut fruits into simple shapes like star, heart etc.  If you can only cut it into rounds, no problem.  Just plant two cherries as eyes.  You can make a smiley by adding lip curve using cream.

4. Chicken Noodles:  It is simple to prepare.  You can add vegetables/shredded cottage cheese/tuna/minced and boiled meat or chicken. 

5. Nuts and sprouts salad:  Store sprouts in the freezer.  Children love crunchy food like this.  Nuts and sprouts salad contains a lot of nutrients essential for growth.  …